Everest 2010

I’m headed back to Everest on March 25, 2010 to chronicle the final peak in Robert Hill’s No Guts Know Glory 7Summits campaign. You should follow the blog over there.


The 12 wines of Christmas: Twitter version

I wanted to get suggestions for 12 great wines to package up as Christmas gifts so naturally I turned to the Twitterverse for this little crowd-sourcing project. I got some great suggestions from all kinds of tweeps, but one tweep really took it to a level that needs both recognition and reward. @RodPhillips is the buyer for Liquor Plus, a chain of liquor stores on Vancouver Island. I asked him to weigh in with some suggestions for my list, he did that, and more. Here are his picks:

  1. Bodegas Cortes Red $8.99
  2. Redhill Creek Shiraz $9.99
  3. Santa Julia Malbec $14.99
  4. Vina Maipo Sauv Blanc $11.99
  5. Desert Hills Gamay $19.99
  6. Finder’s & Seekers Shiraz $18.99
  7. Canforrales Tempranillo $17.99
  8. St. Hubertus Riesling $17.99
  9. Cristalino Brut Rosado $17.99
  10. Naboli Palzzolli Primitivo $14.99
  11. La Mura Nero D’Avola $14.99
  12. Redwood Creek Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99

Rod’s final statement was “glad I got that off my chest!” Me too, Rod, me too. Kudos and cheers. I look forward to buying these great wines from a guy and a business that gets social media marketing on my way into Victoria this week.

Moving Beyond Oil

President Obama has called America’s dependence on oil one of the most serious threats their nation faces. The Discovery Center is hosting a two-day conference, Beyond Oil, supported by leaders from Microsoft, Ford, state and local governments at Microsoft’s Redmond, WA -based conference facilities to discuss how the integration of information technology, sustainable transportation solutions and smart growth strategies can mitigate the effects of climate change and dependence on oil.

JDO Communications client, Rapid Electric Vehicles CEO Jay Giraud, will speak in the New Technology Showcase, Friday morning, October 23, at 9:15 AM and provide test driving opportunities of the REV 300 ACX all-electric SUV, designed for the fleet market. I will be traveling with the REV team to provide social media content development and media outreach services. I’ll be tweeting highlights at http://www.twitter.com/joshaughnessy. The REV press release is found here.

Questioning if your business should be there?

Wonder no more:

While you are still deciding on it’s value, your competitors are engaging with your customers.

Uncover Ostomy for World Ostomy Day


World Ostomy Day is October 3, 2009. IDEAS has partnered with Jessica Grossman and the UOAA to produce the UncoverOstomy.com awareness project.

The press release was put out this morning on Marketwire. Here’s the social media release and here’s the Facebook page.

Full text of the social media release follows:

Jessica Grossman, Age 20, Uncovers Ostomy for World Ostomy Day

Toronto, Ontario, SOCIAL MEDIA ADVISORY, October/1/2009 – Toronto-based actor and model, 20-year-old Jessica Grossman, kicks off the Uncover Ostomy public awareness campaign on World Ostomy Day, October 3, 2009. Uncover Ostomy is a provocative look at a hidden issue-the social stigma of living life with an ostomy.

“World Ostomy Day is a day we recognize the importance of ostomy surgeries as life-quality improvements for people suffering through terrible illnesses,” said Jessica. “I’ve had my ostomy for six years and every day I am thankful for how healthy I feel because of it. World Ostomy Day is the perfect time to show this to Canadians.”

Many ostomy patients, especially those who have had recent surgery, are reluctant to talk about the changes made to their body. Living in a society that shuns body waste discussion, ostomy patients often feel alone. Quality of life suffers as ostomy patients may be reluctant to participate in recreational activities they previously enjoyed for fear of adverse social reactions. Estimates suggest 50,000 Canadians are living with an ostomy, although the true number remains unknown.

In the Uncover Ostomy campaign, Jessica exposes what may be beneath the clothes of 1 out of every 700 Canadians. Jessica partnered with the Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society (IDEAS) to create UncoverOstomy.com, a website serving as the hub for an ongoing social media discussion about ostomy related issues. A long-time performer despite a lengthy battle with Crohn’s disease, being in front of a camera was natural for Jessica.

“Most of my friends and family are using Facebook and other social networking sites to communicate with one another these days. We decided to give them something really unique to discuss,” Jessica explains. “We took some barely dressed photos with my bag completely visible. When people see these images they’re going to be really surprised. I don’t know if anyone has ever shown the ostomy in this kind of light before. A lot of people think of ostomy as an old person’s problem. It’s not.”

“When Jessica approached us a year ago with her vision for this project we felt an instant fit with what IDEAS is all about,” said John O’Shaughnessy, IDEAS board president. “Our programs raise awareness and educate people about intestinal diseases and the issues patients’ face. A lot of people have ostomies because of intestinal diseases. We want to help Jessica uncover the ostomy and help frame a positive public discussion aimed at eliminating social stigma surrounding the ostomy.”

Visitors to UncoverOstomy.com are encouraged to share the site’s content with their online networks and make donations to IDEAS for awareness projects.

“It’s a 10 plus 10 ask,” Jessica explained. “Donate $10 to IDEAS and share the website with 10 friends and ask them to do the same. If 10,000 people in Canada do this, we’ll raise $100,000. More importantly, we’ll educate as many Canadians as possible about the ostomy and why having one can be really good for people suffering through terrible illnesses.”


Further information:
About Jessica Grossman: Jessica is a 20 year old University of Western Ontario media studies student, an actor and a model. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 9, Jessica made the decision to have her diseased colon removed at age 13 and undergo ileostomy surgery. Professional studio photographs of Jessica, including her ostomy, are available for media reprint on request.

About Ostomy: Ostomies are a category of diversionary surgeries. There are three major types: a colostomy is made from the large intestine (colon); an ileostomy is made from the small intestine (ileum); and a urostomy is a diversion of the urinary tract. The most common reasons for ostomy surgery include inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer, birth defects and trauma.

About IDEAS: The Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society is a Canadian non-profit organization with chapters in Vancouver, BC and Windsor, ON. The society’s mission is to eliminate intestinal disease and ostomy related stigma. Their website serves as an educational resource and their programs aim to enhance life-quality for children and youth suffering from Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis and other digestive illnesses.



Social media contact information:
John O’Shaughnessy
IDEAS board president
Twitter: @joshaughnessy

City of Inglewood Chooses REV to Transform Fleet Vehicles to 100 Percent Electric

Full press release here.

The crew from Rapid Electric Vehicles are down in southern California this weekend at the Alt Car Expo showing off the almost-production-ready REV 300 ACX all-electric SUV. I drove this truck several weeks ago on the streets of Vancouver and it was an incredible experience. Pretty cool to think in the next couple of years you’ll be able to choose electricity as your fuel of choice.

The City of Inglewood has stepped up to prove the viability of REV’s all-electric fleet vehicles. The first of many fleet operators who will do so over the coming months.

Team IBD Adventures


At around 8:30am local time, Phil Wu, Andy Manson, Robert Hill, Clinton Shard, Jimmy MacKenzie and Paul Head reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, 5895 metres, Tanzania, Africa. Congratulations to all of you!

You can read about their adventure on the team blog at ibdadventures.wordpress.com. The team climbed Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society (IDEAS) and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip home. I look forward to seeing more photos and hearing more stories of this amazing adventure.

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